FIRST AIRED: April 1, 2019

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get to developing it's not often companies call for regulation on their own industry but Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg did just that in a Washington post opinion piece over the weekend soccer Berg said regulator should play a more active role in establishing rules that govern the internet so what's really going on here Reuters breaking views columnist Jennifer saiba I would be completely skeptical about anything that mark saccharine is writing right now I mean part of what he's advocating is to have an international law rules kind of governing social media spaces like Facebook and Google and you know it kind of makes sense on one hand because one rule is easier for a bunch of companies to follow and you don't have to comply with a bunch of different regulations but the issue is he's basically putting the onus on governments now to clean up a big mess that he made Facebook has been blamed for allowing divisive content and disinformation to spread on its platform in the run up to the twenty sixteen U. S. presidential election regulation could provide social media companies in the U. S. some cover as they set out to block more in more content soccer birds opinion piece also comes amid reports that the US government in Facebook are negotiating a multi billion dollar fine to settle issues with the social media giant's privacy lapses I think he went to the Washington post because he knows that regulators are gonna see that that's like the paper of record for a lot of them and you know let's be honest Democrats and Republicans have been floating out of different policies on how to regulate Facebook mean this is the one company that's bringing both these parties together so he's under a lot of fire right now already democratic presidential candidate senator Elizabeth Warren is vowing to break those things apart if she's elected president and there's been increasing urgency to find a way to hold the tech companies more response , both for their breeches while some countries like Germany have enacted laws on social media content in the US there so far no law that directly regulates the core products of social media companies