FIRST AIRED: March 31, 2019

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the Republicans are going to end up being the party of healthcare thank you as president Donald trump's longstanding pledge to tear down obamacare has so far lacked one key thing a clear Republican alternative plan to replace the affordable Care Act to that end trump just days ago named three Republican senators including Rick Scott of Florida to craft new health care legislation but on CBS's face the nation Sunday Scott offered little insight into what that might be instead appearing to kick health care efforts back in the president's court , when are we gonna see your proposal I look forward to it and you know the scene with the president's gonna put out be with Nancy plot closely in the house it's gonna be tough to get something done did you just say that you expect the White House to come forward with the proposal first , well I know I know the the I know in the end the White House is gonna have to have their planned moments prior to Scott's appearance acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney on A. B. C. guaranteed that no one currently covered by obamacare would lose health insurance if the law enacted in twenty ten were repealed and replaced but here too Scott do mirrored what they won't have a plan at all if obamacare struck down let's focus on the problem we have the problem is not an access the prop is the cost of health care to federal courts last week blocked parts of trump's efforts to kill obamacare including one that would have allowed small businesses to offer skimpy plans that strip out some of the ACA's requirements in December a Texas judge ruled that all of obamacare is unconstitutional a case it's currently on appeal the justice department last week said it supports that decision and will argue that the ACA must go Scott for his part you did say that any new health care plan should like obamacare allow coverage for those with pre existing conditions and for young adults currently covered by their parents health insurance plans