FIRST AIRED: March 19, 2019

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%HESITATION %HESITATION destroyer summer tour according to the tabloids why the speaker is generally a procedural role like %HESITATION parliamentary referee many know Brcko from viral videos and memes for his unique style , which may be personally therapeutic institutionally disadvantageous but he's also sometimes a thorn in the side of brexit here's and prime minister Theresa may is government this ruling just this week he evoked an obscure were president from the seventeenth century to effectively torpedo what could have been mais third attempt to ram her breaks it deals through murders correspondent will change working out with the speakers power the moment comes from the fact that breaks it has become bogged down in the weeds of parliamentary process when it comes the parliamentary process back cal's word is is the rule basically anything that he says goes and this does lots of rules that are open to interpretation when it comes to what I'm he should be able to discuss what they should be able to vote upon how centuries old presidents are interpreted bass all down to him and that's the power that he's been exercising in the last few months in normal times Theresa my with a majority government behind it would be able to simply just change the rules the standing orders can be changed on on any given day just by simple vote in parliament but she doesn't have a majority so she doesn't have the power to do that and that brings everything back to jump back on his rulings that's why that's so important , also a divisive figure for other reasons he's faced allegations of bullying from some of his former staff he's also been criticized for reports of sexual harassment in parliament that happened under his watch , saber who gives a voice to rank and file lawmakers wouldn't otherwise be her