FIRST AIRED: March 30, 2019

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was was very promising actually P. democratic congresswoman Alexandria across your Cortez said on Friday she is very encouraged by this week's Senate vote on the green new deal she introduced even though the measure was soundly defeated Republicans in the Senate uniformly opposed the plan aimed at winning the U. S. off fossil fuels to combat climate change but they scheduled the unusual vote anyway aiming to force Democrats to take a public stand it didn't work the most the non binding resolution failed fifty seven two zero with all Republicans voting no and forty three Democrats voting present to avoid an up or down vote responded present that is an extraordinary amount of unity at within the Senate to to actually vote in that cohesive of a block so I'm very encouraged in the green new deal marks an initial attempt to push big government let investments in clean energy what these are our our actual investments that do bring back returns wind and solar power infrastructure and social programs are at the top of the agenda when the Republicans have criticized as being too radical is green new deal effects too much of every aspect of our life not only the climate change plan but it costs you Cortez herself has become a target and a means for Republicans to go after the Democratic Party as they gear up for the twenty twenty election because I love campaigning against the green new deal a freshman congresswoman who three weeks ago didn't know the three branches of government but %HESITATION because you Cortez often portrayed as a rising star of the political left shrugged it off how I really feel is Sam you know to to borrow from a from one of my colleagues it terms you can't hate up close and