FIRST AIRED: March 19, 2019

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main dairy farmer Fred stone is worried his family century old business may be forced to close its doors for good the stone ridge farm he runs is no longer selling its milk after regulators discovered his cows were producing tainted milk a problem that's thought to be traced back to toxic chemicals in a common fertilizer regulators in Maine say they're hopeful this is an isolated case but some health experts say the contamination could extend far beyond this farm back in two thousand sixteen %HESITATION the state which operates a water well on the farm found the presence of her floral al kill %HESITATION chemicals in the in the drink in the water so the state came out tested soil tested Hey from the farm tested the milk supplies from the callous and tested surface water and found fairly high levels of these of some of these chemicals which have been linked to %HESITATION bad health cuts out calms %HESITATION certain cancers and liver damage high cholesterol low birth weight %HESITATION so the ones that gave concern for their PFOS and PFOA on on this farm main regulators think that dates back to a program that the farm participated in from the nineteen eighties through the early two thousands where they were spreading were called bio solids they're basically human waste %HESITATION and from sewage districts that has been treated and then is used as an amendment to the soil to fertilize the pastures it was a state sponsored program like it is in many states I mean vis a bio solids spreading programs are very common across %HESITATION across the United States and that gives %HESITATION public health experts there some concern , scores of lawsuits have been filed in pollution cases across the country seeking billions of dollars from chemical manufacturers and industrial P. foss users two major cases have already settled in recent years for a combined at one point five billion dollars stone is suing the two sewer districts that supplied the sludge he spread on his farm as well as giant P. foss producers like three M. and come Morris and local industries he believes may be responsible for leaching the toxic chemicals that ended up in his fertilizer