FIRST AIRED: April 2, 2019

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US president Donald Trump on Twitter promised his Republican Party was developing quote a really great health care plan but said a vote on that policy would wait until after the twenty twenty election trump reignited the health care debate last week after his administration announced renewed plans to scrap the twenty ten affordable Care Act also known as obamacare we have a plan that's so much better than obamacare obamacare is a disaster we can have a plan that is so much better than obamacare so the healthcare is going to move cut many in his own party off guard trump named three Republican senators to craft the proposal but at least one of them on Sunday could not offer even an outline when are we going to see your proposal , well first of I'm glad there the president cares about healthcare I've five I ran a large hospital company I care about the cost of healthcare and that's what I focused on I know it's going to be tough %HESITATION look forward it and you know the scene with the president's gonna put out be with Nancy plot closely in the house it's gonna be tough to get something done Republicans promised to repeal and replace obamacare as soon as the ink was dry on the bill but they repeatedly failed to present an alternative three efforts to scrap the law in twenty seventeen came up short motion is not agreed to with the twenty twenty campaign heating up truck may feel that attacking obamacare will rally his base that move could carry risks Democrats won the twenty eighteen mid term elections by a margin of almost nine million votes nationwide and writers pulling found in the largest proportion of voters at the time ranked healthcare highest among the issues they said mattered obamacare created subsidies to help buy private health care and blocked insurers from denying coverage to those with pre existing conditions the law has slowly but steadily grown in popularity with each passing year if voters believe it's on the ballot in twenty twenty they could rally to the party that promises to protect rather than a band obamacare