FIRST AIRED: March 24, 2019

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the US department of justice has released a summary of special counsel Robert Muller is twenty two month investigation into alleged Russian interference in the twenty sixteen election whether members of the trump campaign conspired with Russians to win the race and whether US president Donald Trump tried to obstruct that very investigation rotors we'll have analysis of that summary shortly US Attorney General William Barr promised the US Senate that he would make as much of the report public as the law allowed so do it you would %HESITATION be in favor of releasing , the investigative report when it's completed as I've said I I'm in favor of as much transparency is there can be consistent with the rules , and the law , and both Democrats and Republicans have demanded the full report to be released the AG needs to make that report of publicly available %HESITATION the special counsel spent two years so almost investigating this %HESITATION the public has a right to know India need to know and I hope it's made public I hope bill bars but he said he's going to follow the law make as much public as he can't in consultation with rob Rosenstein and Bob Miller and we will read the report trump has denied allegations of collusion and obstruction and called the probe a witch hunt %HESITATION there was no there was no obstruction everybody knows it smaller brought charges against thirty four people and three companies during his investigation trump's former campaign chairman Paul man a fort and his long time personal lawyer Michael Cullen both facing prison time none of those charges however directly relates to whether trump's campaign worked with Moscow Russia denies interfering in the twenty sixteen election beyond the findings outlined in the summary or the underlying report Democrats in Congress have launched an array of investigations to trump his family business and his campaign