FIRST AIRED: April 1, 2019

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I am hoping that cooler heads will prevail when the United Arab Emirates and its allies broke with neighboring Qatar over a host of grievances in June twenty seventeen a group of American hackers working first secret U. A. E.'s spy program sprang into action as first revealed by Reuters those American operatives had once worked for the NSA and other U. S. spy agencies but they now worked as part of the U. A. E.'s cyber squad called project raven using skills they learned in the U. S. to spy on opponents of the UAE monarchy the team of Americans now turn those skills unamerican Alec Qatar as the U. A. E. joined by Saudi Arabia Egypt and Buck crane imposed a blockade accusing Qatar of financing extremist groups in the region Reuters correspondent stole segment in Christopher being uncovered the story so what we found was that after the blockade took a fact project ray van ramped up its %HESITATION monitoring of of , %HESITATION of Qatar in general of its surveillance of Qatar and specifically wrapped up its you know its surveillance of media figures according to documents the U. S. mercenary hackers begin targeting a number of journalists especially those at the Qatar funded how does your network , both countries view the network's expansive coverage of the Arab spring uprisings as a deliberate attempt by Qatar to fuel opposition to their monarchs al Jazira says it's an independent news service giving a voice to everyone in the region former operative say their goal as they hacked their targets was the fine material showing that Qatar's royal family was pulling strings in the local media since the Iraqis believe that these turtles have such close ties to the , you know that it would give them access to like emails or messages or intelligence about the Qatari government itself the U. A. E.'s ministry of foreign affairs did not respond to requests for comment in the NSA declined to comment according to program documents fights all all custom was one target he is the host of a popular debate show one I'll just your cold opposite directions the network's chairman was also hacked but readers found the hacking of journalist went beyond Qatar's borders with Beirut based BBC Arabic coast Giselle cow we also targeted segment says she was surprised and upset to learn of the hacking she was targeted apparently because of her contacts where , you know with a doubt with another figure out with another kind of political figure in the region and of course for her eyes any journalist you know a big part of her job is to contact you know people around the region and the fact that she was targeted just because of her contact with the political figure %HESITATION to her really struck her as , yes being quite under had did I think U. S. law does not bar former U. S. spines like those on project raven from working for other governments as long as they're not spying on Americans the NSA new Americans were setting up cyber surveillance for the Iraqis but it's not clear if they knew the extent of those operations the US ambassador to Qatar during the Gulf crisis Dana cell Smith said she found it alarming that American intelligence veterans were able to work for another government in targeting an American ally