FIRST AIRED: March 19, 2019

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it hung in the balance until the last minute but Gemini is finally following the starting gun on its auction of mobile spectrum for next generation five G. networks that will power connected factories and deliver ultra falls to wireless broadband to the home one drug bust fine reporting from mines in Germany behind me in this former army barracks Germany's network regulates %HESITATION is starting an orchard that could decide whether Europe's largest economy remains competitive in the digital age on all the minute he didn't happen telecoms operators filed a Ralph of lawsuits seeking to hold up the auction they complained that its terms all too onerous it requires them to plug gaps in Germany is notoriously porous mobile networks a dog bed for both the government and for mobile phone users and to open up the network's two rifles also the United States has exerted heavy pressure on its allies to shot Chinese vendors out of them all kids on national security grounds Germany has responded by tightening its ground rules stop short of a ban that means it's sending a level playing field for vendors and that includes China's wall way the global market screamed and save your home on the head of the federal network agency well teams from the for companies bidding led by talk to telecom will have to surrender their small phones as they enter the building they'll be cooped up in separate rooms connected by a secure network I'm willing to have a fax line to the head office is the consultation as they vie for the forty one blocks of spectrum on offer the German government to raise billions of euros from this auction would put that money towards upgrading the country's broadband networks well one thing's for sure the amount raised went come anywhere near the fifty billion euros that were stumped up by come , he's in a notorious auction back in two thousand the crippled the industry for years