FIRST AIRED: March 18, 2019

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seventeen year old telethon has a dream I went to the I don't know because %HESITATION if I if I if I would be a doctor I can do everything hollering your company did but here in Bangladesh he's not allowed to attend any local schools because he's a wrecking the refugee telethon is one of seven hundred and thirty thousand working the Muslims that flood Myanmar in twenty seventeen is keeping a brutal government crackdown now he lives at a cramped refugee camp in Cox's bazaar where according to UNICEF centers have been forbidden by the government from teaching the Bangladeshi curriculum in many countries governments allow refugees to study in local schools but Bangladesh hasn't recognized the vast majority of the region got as refugees which means their legal status is murky , good on hasn't let that stop him though he's been going to classes taught by former rescinded teachers in a tent which has been operating without permission , more than five thousand students have pasta higher education exam but they con continue this study , that is why we decided to set up the high school level classes do I know others have been quietly attending Bangladeshi schools which had for years been admitting some other him yeah but in January thirty students were told to leave after Bangladeshi authorities issued an order to have a masters in a money machine with it and when I got kicked out from the school I cried loudly off and then when I came home with the news my parents were also very upset yeah really UNICEF warns there will be a lost generation of children but Bangladesh's government says the country cannot afford to integrate the , that is why we have been asked to keep an eye on them , if they have access to education could be worse even the make shift school is facing big problems donations from students families and NGOs had kept it running but now it's principle is struggling to pay the teachers , despite all this still has hope he's already a teacher himself into there's four boys and English in the evenings I think that if I did that and they'll