FIRST AIRED: March 20, 2019

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it's fondly known as the home of Santa Claus and the Northern Lights and now for Finland has and another official title the happiest country in the world for the second year running , that's according to an annual you an affiliated survey released on Wednesday , the world happiness report to run two hundred fifty six countries in title Reuters Gladys who say the know the countries tend to be at the top of those rankings and that for several reasons %HESITATION they have a very good health care there's very little crime and they have a very general swell for systems for which they pay very high taxes but in exchange you get good social provisions and also the is very little in the quality %HESITATION between %HESITATION different because in the society what is much less than in other countries , the reports judges countries on six key variables that supports well being income freedom trust healthy life expectancy social support and generosity , this year the other top spots were taken by Denmark Norway and Iceland following then why Nevin in Switzerland suite in the land Canada and the US on the other hand fell to nineteenth place if there is a tip that would give to countries like the United States it's %HESITATION I think I pay more taxes %HESITATION because if you you know this but into someone this country's your praise you know you can't you can't pay something like a a harmful your income or more to in Texas %HESITATION and they will say well you know if you want to have a good social services which mail so you have less crime then you know you you have a better health %HESITATION along the population then you'll probably need to pay more taxes the five countries that have suffered the largest drop since two thousand five to two thousand eight why Yemen India Syria what's wanna on Venezuela