FIRST AIRED: March 20, 2019

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the regulators have find Google one point four nine billion euros or about one point seven billion dollars the penalty handed out for blocking rival online advertisers Brussels says the tech giant placed onerous restrictions on any website using it search function in affects only Google was allowed to run ads in conjunction with the search results now the ruling marks the US firms third such fine in just two years the announcement was made Wednesday by the issue has called citation commissioner who was rivals they were unable to grow and to compete , and as a result of the US well website owners a website had limited options for selling advertising space on those websites and we're forced so no need to rely on Google lost in the E. U. imposed a record fine of over four billion euros on Google that was for using its popular android mobile operating system to block rivals it is %HESITATION yeah Google was fine tuned in euros forehead drinking glasses to its online shopping tool Russell says the search giant has responded to the early up penalties and seventy percent %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION cases where the shopping unity shown a rival to group would appear and I think that in forty percent of cases more than one rival would appear so you see the rivals are gaining disability Google said Wednesday it had made changes following the previous followings it didn't offer any comment on the latest measure