FIRST AIRED: March 29, 2019

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Google glasses were a huge flop but what about shades that filter out technology nrcan company called in real life labs creates lenses that block out screens taking the digital detox to another level we found this effective if you're saving you know going to a sports bar %HESITATION if you're at a restaurant with a TV screen if you're at the airport and the screens all around you and you just want to kind of escape the noise you can you know inside these on your face and boom all these screens go out , ones is use rotated polarized glass and block light from LED and LCD monitors among other things , ABS is working on refining the lenses they also block smartphones tablets screens and digital billboards too we were really inspired by the fact that Americans spend over ten hours a day looking at a screen the average modern persons exposed to five thousand ads per day that's a lot of things coming at you constantly and so the benefit is to have %HESITATION some solace in a break from that I definitely dream of a world where everyone is more in control of of media advertisements technology as opposed to feeling victimized and controlled by those different entities , when he reached its twenty five thousand dollars Kickstarter goal within three days last October and now has thousands of backers from fifty countries the irony is that we've been approached by a number of fortune five hundred brands that are interested in in partnering and this is such a backlash the technology and these big you know tech companies are suddenly not looking as good that , a lot of brands like like severance one align themselves with like the anti tech movement