FIRST AIRED: March 29, 2019

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exhausted by five years of war and decades of corruption Ukrainians looks set to send a comedian with no political experience into a second round runoff in Sunday's general election , hello to me as an N. ski places scrupulously honest president and a top TV series in the country now he's gearing up to become the real thing , and tapped into an anti establishment needs amongst faces polls suggest he'll be up against incumbent Patrick parsing code the former confectionary magnate depicted here with sweet wrappers and bullet casings , and the final outcome it's too hard to predict , promising to lead a gas prices lift pensions and emphasizing how pastas a revolution remark to imprisoned by two presidents either way it looks set to be a clash of the old and the new so why is this vote globally significance well western governments have much at stake in the election that's because they take Ukraine signed in its conflict with Russia and have invested money I'm serious political capital to continue Kiev's integration with the west , person K. was elected president in twenty fourteen soon after Russia annexed Ukraine's Crimea region and Russian backed separatists station uprising in eastern Ukraine that he's killed thirteen thousand people and still rumbles on , many credit parsing K. with containing the conflict and standing up to Russia bots that he's failed to get to grips with corruption and poverty , the Lansky's predicted chances are proof of a wave of popular anger sweeping Ukraine similar to the ones that brought the anti establishment five star movement to power initially and US president Donald Trump to office amounts poll reveals just nine percent of Ukrainians have confidence and then national governments the lowest of any electric in the wild