FIRST AIRED: March 28, 2019

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the census is the cornerstone of American democracy the US census bureau is afraid a campaign of fake news and misinformation could derail the twenty twenty population survey and is a listed Silicon Valley to help fight back correspondent Nick brown learn to the census is taking the warnings seriously basically it's chatter on four chan and other dark web type of sites about trying to disrupt the twenty twenty census either through %HESITATION you know fake news campaigns %HESITATION or doctoring you know real news reports %HESITATION the idea being to try to repress a participation mostly and left leaning communities and the reason being that %HESITATION if you can create an undercount in certain communities it would reduce the amount of political representation that those communities have and the amount of federal aid that they would benefit from and this would be coming from the same actors that impacted the twenty sixteen election for those means hi he mostly far right actors and potentially some international ones as well so far the threat has yet to materialize but experts have a good idea of what it could look like so there there are a few ways you can do it %HESITATION a couple include %HESITATION saying that something that you've already done such as paying your taxes %HESITATION it counted as filling out the census and you don't need to do anything else %HESITATION another potential example is doctoring a legitimate news website but writing a fake story that says for example you know the federal government is going to use your senses data for some nefarious purpose don't fill it out really just learn from documents that census officials received commitments from Google Twitter and Facebook to help quash disinformation campaigns online the census was already in the political spotlight and the center of a lawsuit before the Supreme Court after the trump administration decided to add a question about citizenship to the survey critics say the government is trying to scare immigrants into not participating and , %HESITATION bite not to be counted the administration says it needs citizenship information to enforce immigration laws writers learn that the census has asked to Google to help create reliable search results for individuals seeking accurate information about the twenty twenty survey the bureau has also taken the step of purchasing a number of non government web domain you are else such a census twenty twenty dot com and since the twenty twenty dot org