FIRST AIRED: March 25, 2019

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a Reuters photographer snapped these photos of what appeared to be a Russian government plane in Venezuela's main airport over the weekend the pictures could confirm reports that Russian military jets moved troops and equipment to Caracas amid Moscow's strengthening ties with embattled socialist president Nicolas Maduro the U. S. and a coalition of western nations back the country's opposition leader one quite go calling Maduro's regime quote illegitimate on Monday U. S. secretary of state Mike Pompeii %HESITATION demanded Moscow cease its support of Maduro Pompeii %HESITATION in a phone call to Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said the U. S. will quote not stand by idly as Russia exacerbates tensions in Venezuela that's according to a state department spokesman Pompey was warnings appear to have been prompted by reports Sunday of two Russian airforce planes in Caracas carrying a Russian defense official and nearly one hundred troops a Russian passenger jet and military cargo plane were also spotted one airforce jet followed by Reuters on a flight tracking website return to Moscow Monday why DO invoke the constitution in January to assume the interim presidency after declaring Maduro's twenty eighteen reelection of fraud the thirty five year old in an interview with Reuters last week claim to majora's regime is in its final phase despite still controlling the military Maduro is largely blamed even by Venezuelans for the dramatic collapse of the nation's economy he is called why do a puppet of the U. S. and last week detain the opposition leader chief of staff as part of what Maduro said was a plot by quite dough to assassinate him