FIRST AIRED: April 1, 2019

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the US state department on Monday announced plans to rush seven hundred fifty border patrol agents to the southern U. S. border to address the surge of migrants while dramatically expanding a policy of returning those seeking asylum to Mexico the issue has incensed president Donald Trump who's calling on Mexico to stop the flow or else and if they don't stop of which closing the border they'll close it will will keep a close for a long time but if trump follows through on his latest border threat its US citizens who could be caught paying the price wars correspondent Kate do good American consumers will absolutely see prices increase if the Mexican border shut down particularly at the supermarket a complete shutdown which could come as soon as this week would disrupt millions of legal border crossings in addition to asylum seekers as well as billions of dollars in trade about one hundred thirty seven billion of which is food imports of the fruit and vegetables that the United States import nearly half of that comes from Mexico there are some items like blackberries in avocados there nearly a hundred percent sourced from Mexico are reporting showed that if the board was shut down today the United States would run out of %HESITATION avocados in about three weeks the U. S. also relies on tomatoes cucumbers limes blackberries raspberries and tequila from Mexico while imports could potentially come from other sources those channels take time to establish trade between the US and Mexico reached over six hundred billion dollars last year the effects of the shutdown would run both ways Mexico's largest importer of US %HESITATION %HESITATION oil and gas and so that would certainly affect producers here in the United States the name was K. order Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday his country will help regulate the flow of central American migrants passing through to the United States but the the root causes behind migration must be tackled meanwhile the White House has threatened to cut aid to Guatemala Honduras and El Salvador the country's most of the migrants are fleeing