FIRST AIRED: March 27, 2019

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US Attorney General William Barr summary of special counsel Robert Muller report has done little to change public opinion about whether or not the president's campaign conspired with Russia that's according to a new Reuters Ipsos poll that found forty eight percent of all Americans still believe president Donald Trump worked with Russia to interfere in the twenty sixteen election we found in our latest poll that even though the Attorney General said that %HESITATION %HESITATION dump truck has been cleared of kind of of collusion that still about one half of Americans still believe that he conspired with Russians to interfere with the election that's down about six points we're seeing that largely %HESITATION the the impact of that summary of the molar port really didn't do very much to trump's overall numbers as approvals up a little bit about forty three percent of the public approves of trump that's up just a few points from from last week %HESITATION the percentage of Americans who want to impeach him is down a little bit %HESITATION but really not a big change thirty nine percent of the public said that they think that down from should be impeached again that's down by just a couple points the you know public opinion is really calcified quite a bit of when we did ask how many people wanted to see more of this report they wanted to see the and all the findings and they wanted to learn more we saw a majority of the public %HESITATION including a very high majority of Democrats want to see everything a justice department official said on Tuesday that bar plans to release a public version of the special counsel's report in a matter of weeks