FIRST AIRED: March 19, 2019

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a Republican lawmaker is suing Twitter for two hundred and fifty million dollars alleging defamation and claiming he's the victim of hundreds of hateful tweets Devin newness of California is also singling out a Republican communications consultant and two anonymous parity accounts Devin newness mom ends Devin newness cow it is a close ally of president Donald Trump and for two years chaired the powerful house intelligence committee critics said he used his position to undermine investigations into trump alleged ties to Russia Nunez claims he was defamed by tweets that called him quote the most despicable Craven GOP public official and unscrupulous Craven backstabbing charlatan and trader and was voted quote most likely to commit treason in high school one of the tweets included in the lawsuit from the now suspended Devin newness mom account reads are you trying to obstruct a federal investigation again you come home right this instant or no more minecraft the lawsuit against Twitter states many of the tweets for violin repulsive including tweets that depicted Noone is engaged in sexual acts with the president the filing includes this illustrated diagram which writers has blurred it is also accuses Twitter of what he calls shadow bending his Twitter account claiming quote Twitter actively sensors and shadow bands conservatives such as the plaintiff thereby eliminating his voice well amplifying the voices of his democratic detractors that is a common claim among conservatives but at a Senate hearing last September Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey denied the site had any partisan filters , looking at the data we analyzed tweets sent by all members of the house and Senate and found no statistically significant difference between the number of times a tweet by Democrat is viewed verses a Republican even after all of our ranking and filtering of tweets has been applied , Twitter did not respond to a request for comment but users on the site were quick to continue the Perry efforts new accounts named Devin newness other mom Devin newness cal's mom and of course Devin newness lawsuit have already cropped up