FIRST AIRED: March 25, 2019

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archaeologists in Mexico City are gently brushing away and what could be a monumental discovery the remains of an Aztec emperors tune , Reuters correspondents David I leading Garcia got an exclusive glimpse of the offerings under excavation I'm standing in the so called %HESITATION plaza Mexico city's pretty much always crowded chaotic center in beating heart is where tourists come to check out the sites it's where the Mexican presidents offices are located and it's also where there's a big colonial era Catholic cathedral and just behind this cathedral is where these new Aztec offerings are being excavated , among the ruins a jaguar offering found in a large rectangular stone box in what would have been the center of a ritual platform it has only been partially excavated but has stored excitement among experts who see such a lavish sacrificial offering would be associated with Aztec rulers and war and good signal that something even more important lies below possibly the remains of all we sort of one of the Aztecs greatest emperors Ole does meals my colleagues who have worked in other parts of Mesoamerica have found the Zapotec kings tunes the lion king's too much ms taking but we have never found the tomb of the Mexica king also known as Aztec civilization we have never found such a royal burial we have an enormous expectations right , other artifacts found in the Jaguars box include shells starfish a spear thrower and a wooden desk that was the emblem of the war god nearby archaeologists have also found an elaborate set of flint knives all dating back over five hundred years and now the circular offering box hold and approximately nine year old sacrificed boy found with the wooden forgot disk energy to be to necklace like the jaguar the boy likely had his heart torn out as part of a ritual sacrifice all the specialists have not yet confirmed the theory the offerings also speak to the geographic reach of the Aztecs a warrior society that conquered neighboring kingdoms for example the starfish relics likely came from the Pacific Ocean while the jade was brought from Central America near present day Honduras