FIRST AIRED: April 15, 2019

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when our total Bobby no a Mexican national applied for a visa to live in the United States legally he thought he had a slam dunk case there's a lot of his wife and children were US citizens and he had a letter from a company in Texas promising him a job the name of something you know that we dream of having your own house for our kids to grow up in a line okay Sandel but will be does visa was refused the consular officer who handled his case said bill Beano was likely to become a so called public charge that is dependent on the government for support that decision has left will be no trapped in Mexico with limited access to his family your eyes right now it's very difficult not knowing what's going to happen immigration reporter you gonna tore body says cases like Bobby knows are becoming more common and the president Donald trump's cracked down on immigration what changed in January twenty eighteen is that the state department issued some new guidance to its consular officers who adjudicate a lot of applications for immigrant visas basically telling them %HESITATION some ways in which they should I change how they judge whether someone is going to become a public charge when they enter the United States the change give diplomats wider latitude to determine who should get a visa and who should not now consular officers can take into account whether someone has received someone or their %HESITATION relatives have received %HESITATION non cash benefits like food stamps or health assistance documents show some thirteen thousand five hundred immigrant visa applicants were denied entry on those grounds in fiscal twenty eighteen quadruple the number in the previous year , in bold denotes case his American children received Medicaid and food stamps his father in law had provided a so called affidavit of support promising to support him financially if needed affidavits of support use the sort of have a lot of weight and now they're just one factor among many and the consular officer said his father in law did not earn enough to sponsor him of finding ball Beatles lawyer said was pulled simply not true critics of the trump administration say the state department is moving to tighten immigration policy without going through the proper rule making process the state department declined to comment citing a pending lawsuit filed on behalf of those who were denied visas but if you read the lawsuit and the justice department's response to %HESITATION some of the claims %HESITATION that plaintiffs are making they say that these changes are not discriminatory they're not aimed at anyone nationality or race and that they are simply %HESITATION changes to guidance that implements a law passed by Congress that aims to %HESITATION reduce fiscal burdens on the United States I like it after months in limbo Bobino when his wife are facing the difficult decision to move their family to his home town in Mexico rather than face more time separated on either side of the US border