FIRST AIRED: April 1, 2019

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little did they know their Whopper Patty was actually made from plants where it was we don't know what Burger King is talking about is this it's starting to serve a burger that comes not from Kells but from the lab on Monday the Whopper king is starting a pilot program to serve a no meat burger at fifty nine stores in the St Louis Missouri area it's called the impossible Whopper and it comes from a new partnership with Silicon Valley startup impossible foods Pat brown is the CEO the fact that Burger King , which has so much at stake with with its own brand and the Whopper brand %HESITATION has chosen to put the impossible burger not just a serving Postle burger but to serve as the impossible Whopper to to put that %HESITATION brand on our product I think it's a huge endorsement impossible foods launched its first faux meat Patty over two years ago a genetically modified yeast creates the key ingredient called the team which makes the paddies appear to believe and taste like real meat it's not just impossible foods going meatless rival beyond meets in January rolled out its plant based burgers at the Carl's junior chain McDonald's has been testing a soy based burger in Sweden and Nestle is planning to launch the incredible burger in Europe during a recent visit to impossible foods lab south of San Francisco the CEO told Reuters the company's been grilling thousands of paddy's on this flame broiler specifically used by Burger King to get the recipe just right for now and well over six thousand restaurants %HESITATION yeah the Burger King launches as successful as I expected to be on and we go nationwide that will add more than seven thousand restaurants %HESITATION that serve the impossible burger the surgeon plant based meat products comes with an increased awareness about the environmental hazards of large scale meat production and the no meat startups are attracting some big name investors it remains to be seen whether the impossible Whopper will lure the meat lovers who also love the environment there's an extra cost after all expect to pay about a dollar more for that impossible Whopper compared with your regular beef Whopper possible what