FIRST AIRED: March 27, 2019

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the man charged with killing fifty people in the New Zealand mosque she sings donated money to an Austrian far right group not so according to Austria's chancellor Sebastian cuts could in in the middle of a let me state thinking does this and we can now confirm that there was financial support and so a link between the New Zealand attacker and the identity tarian movement in Austria gave them out a spokesman for prosecutors in the Austrian city of grunts set the head of the identity Taryn movement marched in Selma received about one thousand seven hundred dollars in early twenty eighteen on cell now has published two videos on you cheap in which he says he received a donation which involved an email address matching the name of the man alleged to have carried out the attacks have anything on the port side I have cooperated with the police as I would like to clear my name as quickly as possible and to say clearly that I am not a member of a terrorist organization I have nothing to do with this man other than that I passively received a donation from him and honestly how should I know a year in advance when a donation is sent to me that this guy's going to commit to terrorist attack late to meet them tell us that sana said the donation will be given to a charitable foundation on Wednesday cut said Austria was looking into dissolving the identity movement was able to to honest our position on this is very clear no kind of extremism whatsoever whether it's a radical Islamist in right wing extremist fanatics has any place in our country and our society stage of top cuts became chancellor in twenty seventeen on a wave of support from far right voters he said on Wednesday that his far right Freedom Party is in no way affiliated with the identity and movements