FIRST AIRED: March 23, 2019

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then as well as opposition leader is optimistic that change is coming to the country soon in a sit down interview with Reuters cuando why does said president Nicolas Maduro is administration has reached its final stage adding that his allies have spoken with high ranking military members about changing sides , that is why the plunge into a deep political crisis in January when quite %HESITATION invokes the constitution to assuming interim presidency arguing Maduro's two thousand and eighteen re election was a sham since then foreign governments have backed why don't at the south American countries right for leader we are with you , one hundred percent , why do has been holding rallies across the country told Reuters Venezuelans who are struggling to make ends meet amid an economic crisis are fed up with the socialist government saying quote the citizens do not like them they reject them they hate them because that is what they have received from them hate my poem what's that about a thousand model claims quite %HESITATION is a puppet of the U. S. and has threatened to imprison him that is by the Supreme Court recently initiated an investigation of quite ill on the grounds that he had helped foreign countries interfere in internal matters and during a prolonged blackout this month the chief prosecutor asked that quite OB probe for alleged involvement in quote sabotage of the country's electrical system White House chief of staff was also detained at his house ransacked in a recent trade white %HESITATION telling Reuters quote the risk of participating in politics in Venezuela is your life your freedom and the persecution of those closest to you