FIRST AIRED: October 4, 2018

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donesian quake survivors taking refuge at a camp on Sulawesi Island. More than a thousand people are confirmed dead, and that count still doesn't include more remote areas. Six days after the quake and tsunami, and rescue workers are still struggling to reach everyone in need. One survivor from a town outside the main city told Reuters over a crackling phone line that it's a zombie town.
And victims have been left to scavenge for their food.
sperate residents pleaded with President Joko Widodo during his visit to the disaster zone on Wednesday. Help, they're shouting, many people are in need. At the site of a collapsed seven-storey hotel, this is what he told reporters.>>
>> The most important thing is I've sent a message to the Governor and regions for economic activity to restart. So that they can start heading back to normal day-to-day life while evacuations continue to be carried out. And for the next stage of rehabilitation, and reconstruction to be done.
But the most important thing is that the economic activity must be restarted.>>
What's left of it now was carried over a mile away from where it originally stood. Relatives have been searching through the tangled debris and slowly drying mud. So far, only 35 bodies have been recovered. Martin Kero has been searching for the remains of his son, Tigar everyday.>>
>> He says he's been told he won't be coming back. He's not angry he says. There;s nothing he can do.