FIRST AIRED: October 4, 2018

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>> Iran is a rogue regime>> With his trademark walrus mustache, John Bolton has been known to the world for decades as a fiery super hawk, pummeling US adversaries.>> To squeezing North Korea->> And never backing down from a fight. But six months in as President Trump's National Security Adviser, Bolton is picking his battles.
Easing up on Russia and North Korea, where he and Trump don't agree.>> And then we fell in love.>> And focusing his fury on Iran where the two see squarely eye-to-eye.>> I assure them today that if you cross us, if you continue to lie, cheat and deceive.
Yes, there will indeed be hell to pay.>> Reuters White House correspondent, Jeff Mason.>> So I think that the hard-line persona that was John Bolton 1.0 is still part of John Bolton 2.0. It's just not manifesting itself in this job as much. He pulls it out on issues like Iran on which he is completely still a hawk.
>> In the past, Bolton has gone as far as to promote the idea of regime change in Iran.>> These Iranians from all over the world do not accept that that regime has perpetual life.>> In an interview with Reuters, Bolton said he told the President that his campaign pledge to pull out of the Obama-era-Iran-nuclear deal was the right move.
>> Look at the deal with Iran, it's a disgrace.>> And that he could ignore the warnings of US allies and advisers.>> But he had a team of foreign policy advisers who weren't all on board about that. So with Bolton being there, he basically reassured the President that if you do this, it's all gonna be okay.
The Western alliance is not going to fall apart.>> The fact that Trump went ahead with that decision is a major point of pride for Bolton, and his office has a framed copy of Trump's withdrawal order. Bolton now leading the US effort to isolate Tehran by reimposing crippling sanctions.
Telling Reuters it's already heaping pressure on Iran's leaders. An early riser who starts emailing aides at 3:30 in the morning, Bolton has so far avoided the tensions that flared between Trump and his previous national security adviser, HR McMaster. He's done that in part by avoiding the kind of long, winded briefing Trump has known to hate.
Boiling down as points to a single note card for Trump. And he's softened his tough talk on Russia and North Korea as Trump seeks warmer ties.>> Bolton has managed to stay sort of on Trump's good side.>> For Bolton, long accustomed to the spotlight, that means making sure not to overshadow the boss.
>> Thank you very much.