FIRST AIRED: October 14, 2018

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I've gotten to Panama City and I've met with and seen the drone images there from the emergency operation center in Bay County. And it's deep devastation. I've lived through a bunch of hurricanes myself going back to Andrew and here in South Florida. And what I saw in Panama City reminds me of Andrew.
I mean, literally, I think the whole power grid has been shredded. My view is, climate, sea level rise, these are measurable things, you can measure that. So it's not even a scientific debate, at some point, it's just a reality debate. You can measure whether sea levels are higher than they used to be, warmer than used to be, and the like.
As a policy maker, the fundamental question is, what can we do about it? And if in fact humans are contributing to that, what public policy can we pursue that you can actually pass, does not destroy your economy, and can be effective?>> So your view then, Senator, is that humans are the chief contributor to climate change in this recent period?
>> My view is that that's what a lot of scientists say. I think there are others that dispute what percentage of that is humans and not. I'm a policy maker. There's no way that I can ever debate with a scientist or people who spend their whole life on that.
>> But do you accept their finding?>> What I can debate is public policy. I can accept this, and that is we're going to have a debate about human contribution because scientists are saying that and a few are saying something different. But if we're gonna have that debate about whether certain laws should be passed in order to alleviate what some scientists or a lot of scientists are saying is the cause of this, that has to be balanced with the public interest in other topics, like the economy and the like.