FIRST AIRED: October 4, 2018

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>> At 73, Alvaro Enciso hikes into the hot Sonoran Desert in Arizona every week. He says to be a voice for the voiceless. With cross in hand, he treks through 100-degree heat, weaving through cactuses and desert brush. When he gets to spot where a migrant has died attempting to cross into the US from Mexico, Enciso plants his marker.
Each cross, he says, signifying the end of an American dream.>> The Sonoran desert has a secret. Very few people know that 3000 people have died, that 2000 people have disappeared. That is that's wrong.>> This map, published online by the humanitarian aid group Humane Borders, is the inspiration behind Enciso's mission.
The swarm of red dots represents the exact location of where a migrant body was found.>> I saw this map with with thousands of red dots on them. Just one on top of the other. So I wanted to go where those red dots, the place where a tragedy took place.
>> Enciso, who left Colombia in the 1960s to attend college in the US, hopes his efforts will draw attention to migrant death and spur change to US migration laws. Under president Trump's administration, policies have been put into place to crack down on illegal immigration. They include his highly controversial zero tolerance policy that separated hundreds of parent from their children at the US-Mexico border.
Trump abandoned the policy after a global outcry.>> We had broken the number one rule of what America's all about.
It's that belief that keeps Enciso so busy in his home workshop, nailing and painting crosses, using his skills as an artist to carry his message to the desert, where Enciso says for many, the American Dream ended before it ever began.
>> 2006, 2010.