FIRST AIRED: October 3, 2018

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>> How are things going on NAFTA with Canada, is it okay?>> Video last month captured President Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner apparently locked out of the US Trade Representative's office, where high level negotiations to save a $1.2 trillion North American trade pact were underway.>> Is Canada making any compromises?
>> While the footage suggested Kushner was left out of talks, sources tell Reuters that behind the scenes Kushner was instrumental to saving a trade deal stitching together the economies of the US, Mexico, and Canada. At a White House event Monday celebrating the newly christened US Mexico Canada agreement, the top American negotiator singled out Kushner for praise.
>> This agreement would not have happened if it wasn't for Jared so, thank you very much.>>
>> The successful trade deal is a win for Kushner, whose White House tenure has been marked by turbulence.
>> Kushner forged ties with two of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's most trusted advisors, Chief of Staff, Katie Telford, and Private Secretary, Jared Butts. Sources telling Reuters the son-in-law used these back channels again and again when talks seemed about to collapse. Last week, toxic relations between Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland and US Trade Representative Robert Lighthiser spilled into the open at a presidential news conference.
>> We're very unhappy with the negotiations and the negotiating style of Canada. We don't like their representative very much.>> When things looked like they were falling apart, last Friday, Jared contacted Katie Telford and they were able to work together to make clear that there was some room for compromise here.
It went all weekend, the negotiations and they sealed an agreement at around 11:30 Sunday night, a half hour ahead of the midnight deadline.>> The white house declined to comment, and the offices of Trudeau and Freeland did not respond to requests for comment.>>
He was temporarily stripped of his security clearance, and faced criticism over his business dealings with gulf nations. The North American trade pact just one part of Kushner's expansive portfolio, which includes working toward an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal and trade talks with Beijing.