FIRST AIRED: October 5, 2018

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US Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday accused Beijing of attempting to sway the upcoming US Congressional Elections. In an effort to harm Donald Trump and the Republican Party.>> Beijing is pursuing a comprehensive and coordinated campaign to undermine support for the president, our agenda, and our nation's most cherished ideals.
>> Pence's accusation follows a similar claim Trump made last week at the UN, suggesting that the White House isn't backing down. Reuters correspondent David Brunnstrom.>> Well, I think that the fact that so senior a figure as the vice president was chosen to deliver this message shows they're serious about getting it across.
But the administration hasn't really presented much evidence to back up its contention.>> Washington has long said that Beijing is behind cyber attacks on the US Government ans businesses. And has engaged in widespread intellectual property theft and espionage. But US officials and analysts say, they haven't dedicated the sort of systematic manipulation of social media.
And politically targeted hacking that Russia is alleged to have perpetrated to tilt the 2016 presidential race towards Trump.>> There does seem to be an attempt by the administration to deflect from the Russia issue by pointing the finger at China. The administration may be setting up a narrative almost to say that a vote in the midterms for the Democrats is a vote for China.
>> Beijing responded on Friday. The Foreign Ministry saying Pence had made, quote, unwarranted accusations about election meddling and slandered China. The Vice President's speech marks a sharper approach toward China going beyond the escalating trade war. On another front, the pentagon is getting ready to release a report warning that the military is too dependent on materials and components from China.
The report seen by Reuters ahead of its release, found nearly 300 vulnerabilities in the supply chain. Calling China a quote, significant and growing risk.