FIRST AIRED: October 5, 2018

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>> The most important issue in the district is bipartisanship.>> Republican congressman Leonard Lance is locked in a tough reelection battle in a wealthy corner of New Jersey. One subject he's downplaying, President Trump. Lance's campaign Campaign website offers no statement of support for the President. No praise for his performance and when he does refer to Trump, it's often to highlight differences.
>> So there are areas of agreement but I also point out the areas of disagreement.>> Lance is far from alone. A Reuters analysis of the nation's 56 most competetive house races finds more than a third of GOP candidates offer no support for President Trump on social media.
Instead, like Lance they're keeping mum. Reuters Peter Isler says the tactic is rooted in political reality.>> Given the dilemma they face with not wanting to alienate his loyal supporters, but also wanting to attract people who are not big fans of the President. What these Republican candidates have decided essentially is to run silent, on the President, to try to avoid talking about him at all.
>> Trump's approval rating among Republicans is strong, at 83%. But that support diminishes among registered Republicans with college degrees and higher incomes.>> More Americans are working today than ever before.>> These Republicans, in places like New Jersey and the suburbs of Chicago, Ppart ways with Trump on a number of issues.
Immigration, the environment, US-Russia relations, and even on the President's leadership style.>> They are really dishonest people.>> Mostly what you get when you ask these disaffected Republicans about their problems, is they don't like his tone, they think he's devisive, they think he's disrespectful.>> Candidates in these districts are reluctant to talk Trump on the campaign trail, but many of them still back his agenda.
>> A lot of these Republicans who are running silent essentially on the President still have been pretty supportive of him, the incumbents have in Congress. And the White House points out that not voicing support for the President doesn't mean they are not supporting the President.>> With Democrats favored to win the House majority, Republicans in battle-ground districts need every vote and are likely to continue to tread carefully when it comes to Trump.
>> Get out an vote, thank you.