FIRST AIRED: October 4, 2018

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ether Brazil goes for a hard right or far left candidate in its upcoming presidential election. Bankers and lawyers are sure of one thing, deals in Latin America's largest economy are likely to rev up again,
ter virtually stopping due to investor concerns about the election. Reuters correspondent, Tatiana Bautzer is in Sao Paulo.
>> What bankers and lawyers say is that once you have an elected president, it gets easier to understand which will be his economic policies. So once there is a defined candidate, it's easier to get deals done.>> Polls are predicting firebrand conservative, Jair Bolsonaro and leftist, Fernando Haddad will make it to the second round.
And according to Morgan Stanley's head of investment banking in Brazil, the election of a new president will unlock deals. But all eyes will be on two of the country's highest profile deals, their fate may hinge on the results.>> The first one is the Embraer tie off with Boeing which still needs a final approval by the Brazilian government.
Leftist candidate, Fernando Haddad has already said he's against the deal. So there is a big question mark about what would happen with this negotiation. The second one is the sale of a petrochemical company, Braskem to Lyondell-Basell.>> But Haddad's success is now in question, with the latest poll showing the conservative candidate, Bolsonaro with a strong first round lead.
However even with his market-friendly policies, Bolsonaro has not made clear how he would manage these high profile deals. But his selection of a University of Chicago-educated banker as his economic advisor is good enough for Brazil's business elites who are warming up to the far-right candidates.