FIRST AIRED: June 15, 2019

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also repeated internal deliberations over the last two days , I now announce that the government has decided to suspend the legislative amendment exercise Hong Kong's embattled leader Carrie lam has suspended a controversial extradition bell indefinitely lamb shall the proposal on Saturday off to %HESITATION missed a week of protests that have blocked the semi autonomous city states protest injuring more than eighty demonstrates as a David twenty police officers early on Saturday local media reported that the city's lease at was meeting with pro Beijing lawmakers to brief them on helplines to handle the up pull the controversial bill would allow the extradition of people in Hong Kong both locals and foreigners to stand trial on charges in China and it has angered many in the city concerned it could threaten the rule of law that underpins Hong Kong status as an international financial hub hundreds of thousands of people marched through the city streets on Sunday against the proposed law , and protest outside the city's legislative counsel mid week when that with tear gas and rubber bullets from the city's please , I came down on efforts to push the bill through would have been unthinkable just last week with the bill passage seemingly inevitable and lamp defiant in the face of rising public pressure , she says the bill is essential to stop criminals using Hong Kong as a place to hide on the human rights will be protected with extradition is decided by the city's courts on a case by case basis , opponents of the bill including leading lawyers and rights groups say that China's justice system is controlled by the country's government and is marked by forced confessions an arbitrary detention but Beijing has denied accusations that it tramples on human rights , civil society groups and other opponents of the bell have said they will protest again on Sunday