FIRST AIRED: June 10, 2019

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Hong Kong plunged into political crisis over the weekend with the million strong protest according to organize his in a clash with police wielding pepper spray overnight , Sunday's much flooded streets to protest against amendments to laws that would allow suspects to be extradited to China but despite the backlash on Monday Hong Kong's leader Carrie lam said a debate on the extradition bill will go ahead on Wednesday this bill is not about me there's been growing outrage and rallies against the bill for weeks , last month the Bruhl even broke out between pro democracy lawmakers and Beijing loyalists , the brood group is opposing the little for businesses %HESITATION boys and even US and European officials have issued formal warnings what is James Pomfret explains why this floor will for the first time allow the Chinese legal system to see %HESITATION directly into the whole home system so it won't be as independent as it has been %HESITATION truly independent %HESITATION since phone call returned from British to Chinese rule in nineteen ninety seven so this is really a turning point for what some call means as a legal and see what home home means as an international city and for the first time ever anyone who lives or policies through home call vulnerable to the reach of Chinese authorities human rights groups say the , China does not have a free and independent legal system welcome people and people around the world the distance frost the Chinese Communist Party to respect the rights of individuals so that is the bottom line officials on cue a loophole has allowed the city to become a haven for mainland criminals on the bill would close it the low explicitly allows extradition from Hong Kong to greater China including the mainland's Taiwan a Macau pressing carillons only been in office to use , she succeeded in not short space of time to make a soul one of the most unpopular officials it's probably one of the largest protests I've ever seen in many years of reporting here and it really is a historic moment moments and it sends a strong signal to the Hong Kong government and to the authorities in Beijing that the people of Hong Kong a really against the school the reaction from Beijing on Monday was not quite foreign forces the trying to hurt China by creating chaos and the global financial hub without to not bracing onto those foreign forces might be