FIRST AIRED: June 19, 2019

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while viewers on both sides of the Atlantic have raved about the HBO miniseries Chernobyl survivors have been more critical of the drama which depicts events surrounding the world's worst nuclear accident , on April twenty sixth nineteen eighty six the fourth reactor in the Soviet nuclear plant exploded during a botched safety test releasing more radiation into the earth's atmosphere than any other man made events in history at the time search you Barry Sheene was chairman of the Chernobyl nuclear power plants Communist Party committee , to the matter was that the state of shock was such and the events which occurred where of such a level that people did not believe their own eyes , the house of the HBO series blames the excessive bureaucracy and secrecy of the Soviet Union as it offers a play by play off what led to the disaster and the subsequent clean up but to parish in says there were flaws in the way the show depicts the plant's workers in particular its management yeah I'd love yet love also did not behave like this he did not throw anything he did not behave as terribly with people as the show portrays he was harsh yes everyone obeyed him unquestioningly because they were scared of him this view is backed by a senior engineer at the fourth reactor in nineteen eighty six who arrived after the accident as part of the eight AM shift change to rule by some measure the plant workers are shown as if they're scared of everything scared of their bosses this doesn't reflect reality in reality they were quite decisive very decisive not one of the operators of what after the explosion , the show's creator said deviations from the historical record were undertaken in good faith as the highest rated TV series of all time on IMDb the show has caused a surge in visitor numbers to the plant and the nearby ghost town of Pripyat