FIRST AIRED: June 19, 2019

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these are some of the futuristic concept because being trend top in China the electric vehicle industry Hey was being the only thing as Beijing aims for new energy vehicles to make up a fifth of auto sales by twenty twenty five China is now the world's largest destination for plan T. V. investments as well as the world's largest car market , Beijing has been pouring money into the industry subsidies and tax breaks for E. V. may kids is now around three hundred such companies awaiting some sort of grants all thinking that struck gold but if it all sounds too good to be true then it probably is when you talk to the evening maker is you realize that they are all raising a lot of money burning a lot of cash but they're not delivering as much as they promise and investors alike you know we don't know where this is leading I would rather you know think again about the strategy Evey make is a being trying to launch a new wave of fundraising bots potential back as a telling Reuters there's a few too many question marks around these companies there's one in Vester who told us said his team actually visited almost all the top tier names India new energy vehicle industry last year but they ended up investing and all of them I think most of these companies their founders or see always have like more of like a start up mentality they came from internet backgrounds they know how to tell a business story of business idea but they might lack industry knowledge I mean compared to these judicial carmakers like %HESITATION Daimler or %HESITATION with cities or post by the end and I don't actually know old sort of you know how to build a card adding fuel to the fire was the performance of establish friends says Intel's live in one of its Chinese rivals neo have sunk this year and Beijing and local governments that also tightening now wallets reducing the flow of cash and cussing at subsidies gracing of fed the headache fatigue has eleven neo wannabes I think it would be just a natural process for the market to sort of six out the bad players and sort of you know only keep those who are actually good at what they do you energy vehicle sales in may rose just under two percent from a year Valya combat to a sixty two percent total growth for twenty eighteen