FIRST AIRED: June 9, 2019

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Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador held the celebratory rally over the weekend after fending off Donald trump's threatened five percent tariffs but not all of his countrymen believe he has reason to rejoice Mexico's agreement to help stem the flow of migrants to the U. S. through its National Guard and other means scene is far too great of a concession by some especially those on the front lines of the migrant crisis such as at the Mexican Guatemala border where thousands remain in limbo gates up only because that this policy has been pushed through because of statements and the dispute between Republicans and Democrats and a paranoid man mentally ill man in power in the United States the tyrants Donald Trump pressuring Mexico so he can get there's no other reason exacerbations of this crisis that he says will infect the United States it's just an Donald trump's head former Mexican president Vincente fox a long time critic of Lopez Obrador tweeted that by allowing the U. S. to dictate how Mexico uses its security forces the government has already seated some of its sovereignty and the former head of the World Trade Organization called trump's approach to coercing its southern neighbor and allies as quote hostage taking but the real impact of the deal is far from a parent as of Saturday Mexico showing few signs of beefed up security says Reuters correspondent Delphian shrank from the Mexico Guatemala border there appears to be no sorties here and people have been telling us note nothing really has changed %HESITATION and migrants who I've spoken with a little farther north our sleeping out in the streets because the shelters are filled to bursting so the module to crackdown %HESITATION the Mexican government %HESITATION under severe pressure from the United States , thus far not to be happening even if it does it remains to be seen how much that will determine those seeking asylum in the U. S. the upshot seems to be that they're going to keep coming %HESITATION mainly because they're fleeing situations at home and all they know is yes it'll be hard the US border but right now they want to get to safety