FIRST AIRED: June 20, 2019

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two and a half years after the surprise election of Donald Trump who re aligned to the American electoral map in twenty sixteen keeps America great the president is hoping he can hang on to the battleground states he narrowly turned red from now until the election Reuters will be visiting for key states that could determine who wins the White House and twenty twenty Florida Pennsylvania Wisconsin and Arizona where in twenty sixteen voters switched political parties said they voted to shake things up opted to skip the presidential race or realize the importance of engaging upon reaching voting age , in sunny Pinellas county Florida where trumps margin of victory in twenty sixteen was a little more than one percent retiree John Lingus says he was a lifelong Democrat before he voted for trump I voted for Obama because he was a Democrat hello wasn't real heavy into politics just raise that way and voted because that's what I was so it was a five year turnaround for me you know as a wake up call the other family members thought we were nuts link is made handmade signs for the trump campaign during the twenty sixteen primaries I thought well if nothing else I can be out on a quarter wave signs he says he'll continue to support trump because he worries about his granddaughter as he hears daily reports of violence on the news all beer after working in the mail he's got my vote anymore than I can getting , on the other side of the country in Maricopa county Arizona nineteen year old Alexis Rodriguez worries about his mother a Mexican immigrant who works to custodial shifts a day just knowing that my community my people all of the other type of thing this is anything could happen and it's really nerve wracking his mother is unable to vote in the country she's called home for decades but her son the first in the family to go to college is now old enough to vote in his first presidential election my mom you know she she you know being a Latina %HESITATION it's it's scary when she yells at you to go vote , Rodriguez registered to vote as a Democrat because of the party's positions on LGBT Q. rights and immigration and cast his first ballot in the twenty eighteen mid term elections helping elect pierced in cinema Arizona's first democratic US senator in three decades change is is what is needed can ask questions such a diverse country you know we need everyone's opinions %HESITATION I make sure that this country is is for us and our voices heard , in Northampton county Pennsylvania where trump received strong support from white working class voters in twenty sixteen Republican Kurds Okey said he voted for Obama twice but felt he did not follow through on the promises he made I gave him the benefit of the doubt the first time the second time I gave the second chance but then I realized in the second chance nothing is changed I was watching the money being moved out of this country in into different parts of the world it didn't stay in the United States to grow businesses don't be a businessman said he voted for trump because of his pledge to create jobs and shake up the ways of Washington I want to change , I want a dramatic change I wanted to throw the wrench into the gears the sixty three year old says he's happy with trump's economic policies so far but says he continues to keep an open mind about presidential politics I can go either way and in Pennsylvania %HESITATION I think that also is possible the this they could go either way but you know the first thing everybody should do is %HESITATION remember your pocketbook , in receiving county Wisconsin Stacy bosses the economy is not working for her find a job in raising it's been probably the most difficult bar is raising four kids in has been making thirteen dollars an hour on a factory line she completed job training aimed at helping residents land employment at the Foxconn technology plant under construction nearby where trump pledged to rebuild American manufacturing but boss says that hasn't materialized I was told that those jobs are given to people in Racine but then we don't we don't receive them we they're going to get into the part of some of their people somewhere else you know if you come to our city I think it's only fair that we get first dibs apples jobs and not only for is this the paid a livable wage here now in twenty sixteen bought didn't trust trump or democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to deliver on her wishes she was part of an unexpected drop off in democratic votes in her county where fellow local and political activist Corey prince called voter turnout dismal a lot of it wore us a feeling of being ignored %HESITATION a lot of it was a feeling of their vote didn't matter %HESITATION a lot of it was a film feeling of hopelessness and didn't feel that are voting for the president would change that these are the voters and counties that the more than twenty democratic candidates vying to challenge trump in twenty twenty will need to make their cases and they make their first primetime pitch on June twenty sixth and twenty seventh in Miami Florida