FIRST AIRED: June 21, 2019

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what's Korean leader Kim Jong un kicked off another major summit on Thursday but this time it's not but Donald Trump instead Kim's rolled out the red carpet for president she's in pain marking the first trip by a Chinese leader to Pyongyang in more than a decade China is the only major ally of North Korea and she's arrival comes as tensions flare once again between the US and North Korea over trump's efforts to get Pyongyang to ditch its nuclear weapons Reuters been Blanchard has been covering the story from Beijing , this is the first visit to North Korea by Chinese leaders since two thousand five when then president hu Jintao went to visit so it's certainly a big deal in terms of diplomacy between the two countries now our north Korea's youthful leader Kim Jong un has visited %HESITATION China about four title four times the last year or so and she basically have a in an outstanding invitation from him to pay a return trip the timing is also extremely interesting she basically could have gone really when he wants it but he has chosen to go just a week before the G. twenty summit in Osaka Japan I will say this will be where he and president trump will hold the next meeting so it's possible that China %HESITATION is trying to send a message to the United States ahead of this meeting but it's going to be very interesting to see exactly what message she brings him on during this unusual visit , China North Korea have a long standing relationship they fought together against the U. S. during the Korean War of the nineteen fifties and have traditionally called each other as close as quote lips and teeth and that close history could spell trouble for any more efforts by Washington to bring him back to the table China has been happy to see the reproach more between %HESITATION Pyongyang and Washington and has been pleased to see a dramatic easing in tensions between the two countries however it was also looked on with concern in recent saw in recent months a slight practicing up of over %HESITATION tensions again with a few missile test results by the north Koreans also are present she will be continuing on to try and not shingles career it's %HESITATION along the road such more of %HESITATION Chinese style economic reforms this is something they try to do with his father Kim Jong il although not very successfully , one analyst told Reuters she's visit may prove to be the point where Kim's plan a to improve relations with the US shifts into a Beijing focused plan B.