FIRST AIRED: June 20, 2019

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in a room full of people to a concert Takeda pleads his innocence I'd like to %HESITATION as I said I don't believe I've done anything illegal this was a spectacular fall from grace for the seventy one year old a former Olympic equestrian great grand child of an emperor and Japan's Olympics chief for nearly two decades , today he is being investigated as part of a French inquiry into bribery and corruption link to Tokyo successful bid for the twenty twenty games Reuters Daniel loosing is following the story from Tokyo well French prosecutors are investigating over two million dollars of payments in two thousand thirteen by Tokyo's Olympic bidding committee to annul terminated Singapore based sports consulting business to business called black tidings with suspected links to the son of plumbing the ark the media is the former president of Phil prophetic shooting by the I a AF and he and his son have been separately accused by the French prosecutor's of corruption and money laundering practices but both men have denied wrongdoing in the case the prosecutors have been investigating whether the payments by Tokyo assuming picketing committee for bribes to detox to win the twenty twenty Olympics or for legitimate lobbying efforts in March ticket announced he would be stepping down from Japan's Olympic committee and though he's being investigated he hasn't been formally charged his resignation which takes effect in June comes three years after the allegations first surfaced it was a shock for some who knew him Takeda's a household name in Japan I could I is the great grandchild of emperor Meiji %HESITATION his family I lost a royal titles after World War two shortly before he was born and his father was an avid horse rider was the head of the Japanese Olympic committee when Tokyo hosted its first Olympic Games in nineteen sixty four aside from that off to university %HESITATION talkative followed in his footsteps the competing as any Christian jumper in the nineteen seventy two and ninety seventy six Olympics his lawyers have declined to respond to questions with specifics in a statement today said Reuters questions about Takeda's past would be a violation of his privacy Takeda has said he believes the black tidings payments were legitimate consulting fees a panel appointed by the Japanese Olympic committee in twenty sixteen cleared him of bribery allegations and the international Olympic committee has called , as its own ethics case too but some politicians in Japan say the alleged bribery case remains unresolved and opposition lawmakers have urged a fresh investigation into Tokyo's bid for the games