FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2019

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apple propped up its pension for privacy on Monday launching sign in with apple and its annual developer conference a function that allows users to avoid Google or Facebook Loggins for third party apps and sites signing with apple is the fast easy way to sign in with out all the tracking log in with a new account without revealing any new personal information apple will also tighten control on location tracking meeting apps will have to ask permission each time to use your location all the extra privacy protection comes as apple and other tech companies face mounting scrutiny says Reuters reporter Stephen Ellis the day we were in the federal regulators have decided that apple will fall under the jurisdiction of the department of justice for the purposes of anti trust %HESITATION %HESITATION investigations normally apple would be overseen by the Federal Trade Commission but the department of justice is said we want to have jurisdiction over apple there's no specific complaints out there against apple yeah but a lot of people who observe the antitrust world think the department of justice wouldn't necessarily say Hey we want to have jurisdiction over apple if if the department didn't have something in mind or lose something that he wanted to examine whether or not that actually results in a pro to scrutiny put a damper on all textures Monday apple shares finished down one percent CEO Tim cook also unveiled a mega computer for professionals such as movie editors starting at five thousand nine hundred ninety nine Bucks and a higher in monitor that cost just as much while the macbook pro has never sold in great numbers it's helped keep apples image as a technology leader and in courting the creative professionals who Steve Jobs one over and of course a faster better iOS thirteen was launched for apple's best selling product the iPhone one thing apple won't be updating my tunes for the mac it's time for some to say goodbye to I'd , tunes isn't apple will replace it with three different apps apple TV apple music in apple podcast and but it won't kill it off in one go windows users in those using iTunes store to buy music can still keep I tunes in their lives