FIRST AIRED: June 6, 2019

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negotiations between the US and Mexico ended with no deal in sight on Wednesday after high stakes talks at the White House and state department about border security with president Donald Trump the threat of punitive tariffs looming over all of it from across the Atlantic trump said in a tweet that quote progress is being made but not nearly enough adding that if no agreement is reached terrace at the five percent level began on Monday trump unexpectedly told Mexico last week to control the tide of migrants entering the U. S. threatening to impose tariffs on all Mexican imports at five percent at the height them to twenty five percent by October if illegal crossings do not seats in the UK on day three of his state visit trump double down on that threat six in stock but they have this otherwise we just won't be able to do business after Wednesday's talks ended Mexico's foreign minister who's leading his country's delegation said his meeting with vice president Mike pence was devoted to illegal immigration and not tariffs it's difficult to evaluate what's that the position of the vice president of the secretary of state it's about the tires because wasn't and this location the main issue terrorists have been a main issue for the president's own party with top Republican Mitch McConnell warning the White House may not have G. O. P. support well there is jobs not much support in my conference for terra if the tariffs go ahead the US would be in a serious trade disputes with both China and Mexico two of its top trading partners the situation American business groups are keen to avoid Mexico's president wants to avoid them too analysts believe they may tip the Mexican economy into a recession on Wednesday he said he was optimistic a deal could be made okay , is it on the whole I think that a deal will be reached because that's the best from Mexico and the United States the best thing is free trade not to put tariffs to not close us meanwhile Mexico's detaining double the number of migrants per day that it was a year ago and the trump administration said on Wednesday that U. S. border officers apprehended the highest monthly total of migrants in more than a decade both sides said talks would resume on Thursday