FIRST AIRED: June 14, 2019

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as Hong Kong's shops and banks re opened on Friday evidence of violent clashes this week was never too far away , Wednesday's protest spoon to second debate on the proposed extradition law with the government showing no signs of pulling the bill some have found to keep up the fight I mean I guess were like flying the students were holding their umbrellas and they like , the government says the bill is needed to close a legal loophole but critics fear that if it's possible %HESITATION undermines the freedoms that Hong Kong is guaranteed when it was turned over to China in nineteen ninety seven the hospital authority said more than eighty people were injured as police fired rubber bullets and tear gas to contain a process that they say descended into violence because we know the problem is plus top , and very unstable Hong Kong's police commissioner defended the action of offices saying they acted in accordance with the guidelines and date rightfully use the force to protect themselves and other people at the scene other witnesses have said the police fired first so they're just doing it %HESITATION we think that they are trying to oppress out right expressing our our opinion and actually %HESITATION pressing the freedom police say they arrested eleven people from the protest and made to further west during the wait at a local university they gave no immediate comment as to what charges they students of facing right now we are just %HESITATION , hoping that people would find the strength and the courage to stand up together another much is expected over the weekends and protesters have applied for a permit together on Monday when legislators might be conveyed to discuss the bill