FIRST AIRED: June 20, 2019

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Sunday's mayoral elections in Istanbul will have ramifications way beyond city hall it's a re run president type at a one called the first time round in March a matter of survival for Turkey hello then his AKP party lost which it never did stumble his traditional power base Turkey's election authority scrap those results sparking international criticism it was close though and polls showed the re runs will be to , %HESITATION to one himself a former stumble may I threw his weight behind the AKP candidates former prime minister penalty you'll trim concede his challenger Akron imamo Lou is one to watch he was little known until he pulled off the upset win over the secularists C. H. P. party and other ones grip on power until then looked unassailable unknown news winning campaign then once Aston villa as it gets reassuring voters with the slogan everything will be fine and avoiding criticism of %HESITATION to one , now his guns a blazing against what he calls the unjust rulers cancellation of his victory if he wins again he could launch a political career and eventually even challenge to once rain , the ruling party lost other large cities to including the capital Ankara and they've been persistent rumors of an AKP split emerging with some prominent figures planning to break away and form a new party a loss in a stumble might speed that's a long if true and it could highlight discontent among voters over Erdogan's policies in Bolton in critical voices that could even affect techies diplomatic spots with Washington and career plans to buy a Russian missile defense system but Washington says that's incompatible with NATO's defense network and is threatening to slap sanctions on Turkey if it doesn't back down is is there a door and says no delivery will go ahead in July but some Turks won't compromise which a knock might pressure him to do the AKP's loss in March was one of its was set back since it swept to power in two thousand and two , are the ones back on the warpath but his attempts to slow imamo SLU in recent days could back fire and boost opposition claims that he's trying to appoint a mayor instead of letting a stumble choose one