FIRST AIRED: June 19, 2019

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this is key again a nine year old who has dreams many boys his age due and one that many boys may not %HESITATION well I'll be when I grow up , for , video game , and he does it with the support of mom and dad Kagan is our new Lee nine year old vibrant by vacation with , Carol I can do myself and although this Texas native usually doesn't wear dresses to school he has over time made glitter boots nail Polish and almost anything purple part of his classroom attire Keegan's teacher who has not received formal training in educating gender non conforming kids says she works through intuition and observation one of our huge things is empathy so in our classroom we've really built a community with each other based on acceptance and so I think the ways that Keegan shows his creativity at school is accepted by his peers and they love him more for it it makes him unique and our little community that we have together Keegan whose mother asked us not to use the family's name goes by the pronouns he him and his he first expressed his desire to wear dresses in preschool to trying kind of normalizes we go gold like men in dresses and men because they're a lot of men like in India and the Middle East that where phones or whatever that look kind of like I mean an address and so we want to show like their cultural different kinds of dresses and they're also men who do dragon men who just like to wear dresses and try to normalize it so he didn't feel so uncomfortable about it Keegan's mom says she was familiar with the drag world and knew much of it could be G. rated pulling images from pop culture I think as soon as he saw RuPaul he was just like yes I love it that is like that is what I want like you I think he liked the camp of it he liked the everything which is big everything about drag is big and over the top and that's key in his dad a fire fighter expresses the support both parents feel I love the just treat him like , a normal kid in a like there's nothing different about %HESITATION love them just the same as I would otherwise and and , I mean really that's what it comes down to the biggest fear say both parents is his physical safety they have taught him to respond to the few believes he's faced with confidence and humor first of all he doesn't consider being a girl a negative quality he doesn't consider being gay and negative qualities so he doesn't see those necessarily as insults the way the kid is intending it Kenyans coming of age story a learning curve for all involved says dad who's always there for hugs and cheers and Kenyans drag shows through kind of this whole process with key and then , evaluate the , you know what makes someone a man I had I don't really know that I've like come to any sort of , definitive conclusion about that Keenan's teacher says his gender creativity is almost a non issue at school they look to him as a leader in our classroom he works really hard they enjoy his creativity and I think