FIRST AIRED: June 13, 2019

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Thursday March a second straight day of blockades outside the city's legislature at one point thousands gathered against a controversial extradition bill and your eyes closed all the ways blogs nobody wanna come here so all messed up the proposed law would allow residents along with anyone else passing through Hong Kong to be extradited to mainland China on Wednesday protesters managed to block a second round of debate for the bill in the legislature remain closed on Thursday we want to make sure that the legislators that the government officials cannot enter the let's hope building this week's protests which kicked off with the million strong demonstration on Sunday are being labeled by some as occupy two point no referring to the city's massive pro democracy movement from twenty fourteen , but breaking news columnist Pete Sweeney points out there are some key differences the two thousand fourteen protests were focused on democracy rights suffrage which would apply only to to citizens of Hong Kong %HESITATION this in theory would allow anybody passing even passing through Hong Kong's airport on to be extradited now that's normal lots of countries have extradition treaties but in this case you have Chinese legal system %HESITATION which has some questions about how reliable it is it's not independent from the political control arm and the system has a near perfect conviction right I'm part of a vast group of ex patriots living in Hong Kong who prior to living here spent a lot of time working on the mainland and as the US I'm theoretically exposed in a prosecution if I did something wrong you know ten years ago whatever %HESITATION I stand behind my own personal clean law abiding record but the fact of the matter is there's a there's a big community of of of business people here who did a lot of business in China back in the wild west days you know when cutting corners paying bribes you know all these things are just seen as a natural cost of doing business in a lot of people cut those corners now you know the fact that everybody or not everybody but a lot of people or you know just kind of like guilty allows %HESITATION selective prosecution and intimidation which is the concern the protests have carte worldwide attention with leaders like British prime minister Theresa may and U. S. house speaker Nancy Pelosi both expressing their support for demonstrators president Donald Trump spoke about it too I see it all the time but when you look at this demonstration they said it was a million people that was a million people that was as big a demonstration as I've ever seen so I hope it all works out for China and Hong Kong meanwhile Chinese state media on Thursday said the protests were hammering Hong Kong's reputation Beijing has denied accusations that it tramples on human rights