FIRST AIRED: June 5, 2019

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people to a degree think it's pretty glamorous to be able to go into space but it's actually like a messy camping trip that's not stopping these for NASA astronaut from looking to make history flying the first ever manned mission between NASA and SpaceX the space travel company owned by billionaire Ilan mosque for nearly a decade America's space shuttle program has been grounded for C. U. S. astronauts looking for trip away from birth to hitch a ride on a Russian Soyuz but that's about to change as the US tries to restart manned space flight from American soil with a new cutting edge corporate partner in SpaceX US astronauts Bob bank in Doug Hurley Mike Hopkins and Victor Glover will provide the manpower SpaceX which part is lending is designed promised to the crew dragon capsule and the falcon nine rocket that will launch both crews into orbit and for these astronauts SpaceX upgrades are impressive I would say %HESITATION one of the analogies I've heard before is your you know you're fine with an iPhone type approach %HESITATION verses if you if you remember %HESITATION the way mobile phones used to be the big bricks and all that kind of stuff so %HESITATION that would probably be more the the shuttle style more of the soul you style and %HESITATION the the dragon the crew dragon is %HESITATION a little more modern the goal of the design changes make the space craft easier to fly AS one astronaut put it flying will feel more like driving a car than a space ship but that's all hypothetical since previous flights didn't have a crew and there's been some set backs a fiery explosion destroyed one of the crew dragging capsules during a ground test and developing the parachutes needed to slow down the capsule when enters back into the earth's atmosphere has proven to be quite the challenge however the so called anomalies that space nerd talk for any kind of mishap is not , what's keeping Ben can up at night in general the anomaly that happened to us in the past that's the best time because we'll figure that one out will pound a flat and we'll make sure that that's not gonna happen again you know we need other folks to stay vigilant on other fronts to make sure that the things that haven't been this yet don't don't surprise us %HESITATION in the future Ben can and Hurley known as team one expected to blast off sometime this year to the international space station and back team to Hopkins and Glover will go on a longer mission that date hasn't been locked down either risks aside Glover we'll be leaving earth's orbit for the first time says the lessons learned will be valuable for the U. S. space program and for him this mission is going to enable us to have a small piece of proving new technologies new ways of of controlling a vehicle and %HESITATION new mission strategies to get to the moon so we are in a in a small way moving the ball forward towards getting into lunar orbit and eventually to the service of more of the moon and so %HESITATION to to come back in and then eventually be put back into to fly to the moon would would be a dream come true as for her early this mission is very personal the last time we flew from the United States I was on that vehicle and I kind of feel like you know as Bob mentioned earlier as I wind down my career as a NASA astronaut to kind of leave it with that capability once restored early says on that final flight crew left behind an American flag on the international space station and he wants to be the one to bring it back to earth but he has competition his former copilot is now flying for Boeing a rival to SpaceX in NASA seven billion dollar commercial space experiment