FIRST AIRED: June 10, 2019

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Mexico's foreign minister on Monday so the country will take measures to stem the flow of migrants headed toward the U. S. border and will re evaluate the success of those efforts after forty five days those measures part of a deal reached with the US and announced last week the agreement comes after US president Donald Trump threatens to impose tariffs on Mexico if you did not do something to dramatically cut the number of central Americans seeking asylum at the US border but Mexican officials say there's no specific migration reduction target know what we talked once god the numbers have to going down **** to previous levels that we had maybe last year or in two thousand eighteen US border officers caught over one hundred and thirty two thousand people crossing from Mexico in may the highest monthly level since two thousand and six most from Guatemala El Salvador and Honduras fleeing a gang violence and poverty and seeking asylum in the US the president has fumed over the surgeon migrants trying to find refuge in America tried to portray them as a security threat I declared a national emergency in efforts to appropriate funds to build a border wall he claimed victory last week after reaching what he said was a deal with Mexico to restrict the flow but a lot about that deal remains unclear and this is just a declaration of principles this isn't a signed agreement it's it's a joint declaration of principles trump also claims that is part of the deal Mexico agrees to ramp up purchases of American agricultural products and that there were side deals where Mexico made other to be announced promises on trade and immigration speaking to CBS news on Sunday Mexico's ambassador to the U. S. did not confirm any of trump's claims but seemed careful to not to directly contradicts the president either there was no transaction that was signed off on as part of this deal is what I understand you're saying , are just talk about trade I'm talking about trade and I am absolutely certain that the trade in agricultural goods could increase dramatically in the next few months what are some of these side agreements that the president is tweeting about , I I think there are a lot of the details details at which these calls during the negotiations on during the conversation is that we didn't put in the declaration because this is different %HESITATION different paths that we are to follow trump angrily attacked reporting by The New York Times over the weekends that much of the agreement with Mexico had actually been reached months ago on Monday he again attacked the newspaper he also threatened to Mexico saying that if it's measures to stop migrants didn't show results he would impose tariffs on Mexican product