FIRST AIRED: June 16, 2019

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it's time is come Donald trump's controversial interview with ABC news snippets of which were released last week air is in its entirety Sunday night with the dramatic drum roll on Twitter from trump himself the US president who was criticized by both sides of the aisle for telling George Stephanopoulos that he'd accept dirt on political rivals from foreign sources tweeted Sunday that it's so funny to watch the fake news media try to dissect and distort every word in as negative a way as possible he didn't stop there trump who has consistently blasted the press let loose a series of tweets in which he labeled the media corrupt The New York Times and The Washington Post as dishonest deceitful and a disgrace predicted they'd be out of business by the time he leaves office and twice harken back to his blanket inflammatory accusation that the media is the enemy of the people really trump by Friday had reversed course on his comments about accepting foreign Intel on his opponents telling fox news he would of course contact authorities about such matters The New York Times over the weekend reported that the US is escalating cyber attacks on Russia's power grid as retaliation for Russian meddling in U. S. elections trump both refuted the story Sunday and called the times treasonous for reporting it suggesting it might be true democratic representative Adam Schiff chair of the house intelligence committee couldn't comment on whether the report was accurate but said that establishing a deterrent to further Russian hacking was very important adding this what I found most disturbing about that New York times story about %HESITATION whether we're preparing the battlefield %HESITATION in terms electrical grid in Russia was the fact that the the security officials with the administration felt they couldn't tell this the president because he might compromise that information in a conversation with the Russians trump's Sunday tweet storm ended with him wishing a happy father's day to all including quote , my worst and most vicious critics of which she claimed there are fewer and fewer