FIRST AIRED: June 17, 2019

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then a Christmas tree that night that little eighteen year old boy who is me I never thought that I'd be here fifty years later talking about it we didn't know was history I mean if the chemical to nineteen sixties black people are fighting for the rights for a few days of fighting for the rights of women are fighting for the right , what about us what company on June twenty eighth nineteen sixty nine the lights inside the stone wall in flashed off and on a signal that police were raiding the place the Christopher street bar in Manhattan had no liquor license and it was popular with gay and lesbian patrons at a time when homosexuality was still criminalized or viewed as a mental illness back then mark Siegel was a teenager at the stone wall regular so more replaced %HESITATION where we can be free I mean think about nineteen sixty nine you could walk or this street which is our home and hold him you what is that building behind me you're free you could hold can you show factor and more importantly for me you could dance as free as it felt stone wall like many gay bars was a frequent target for police raids those rates often meant verbal and physical abuse sometimes extortion and arrest and on that fateful night a crowd of patrons decided they'd had enough a group gathered outside the bar during the raid while police were inside they open the door and said something you know this first you know get away queens what have you %HESITATION at which point we picked up anything we could from the street and throwing the right that night was met with a police crackdown and arrests but the activists organized protests and demonstrations the next night head of the sudden attention would serve as a tipping point for a movement that would over the next fifty years dramatically advance gay rights in the United States , two twenty two mark half a century since the protests the bar at the center of the story has since changed hands and what was a rundown watering hole in nineteen sixty nine has emerged as a singular icon of the gay rights movement no place K. necks like the stone wall they started the movement and most importantly perhaps is that they memorialized the event on the first anniversary that is on June twenty eighth nineteen seventy they celebrated Christopher street liberation day which then established what is now the Gamecock pride parade everywhere around the world , right after the riots happened the bar actually closed out , you would walk into like what this is the birthplace of gay rights Stacy Lansing Kurt Kelly now own the historic bar which was shut down shortly after the riots leader reopened but let's and Kelly felt the end and its history were neglected we bought this because this place was run down and it wasn't being treated as historically how it should have been the place is enjoyed a makeover none of the nineteen sixty nine interior remains there are new windows onto the street rainbow flags fly outside , still has become aside for celebration gay rights advance such as when the Supreme Court in twenty fifteen ruled same sex marriage was a constitutional right , and a place to greet mourners laid flowers here after gunmen murdered forty nine people inside a gay night club in Orlando in twenty sixteen but the fight isn't over and new issues are coming to the fore after marriage equality is the movement was able to turn it focuses attention on transgender rights where those people do not enjoy the same constitutional rights as the rest of us %HESITATION and they are a class that is discriminated against in federal lines in practice the Obama administration set out , two through regulation and policy %HESITATION recognize trans rights discrimination it's sold last century its own trump administration has really set about to dismantle virtually everything that was done there's a long list of things start you know the most , is the ban on trans people in the military but there's been all kinds of policy shifts regulation ships there populating the the bureaucracy with %HESITATION religious conservatives who are %HESITATION seeking what they call religious freedom laws which essentially deny %HESITATION L. G. B. T. people their rights , there's a long road ahead of us I think what we have to realize is give thought to that magical for here and become creative again and really be out front again we're no longer going to be invisible we'll be out loud proud and in your face